Dear Fellow Space Travelers,
The Extended Play albums are NOW AVAILABLE!

     If you can, PLEASE USE THE "PAY MORE" OPTION!! Your generous payments are helping fund the release of EGGNOGG'S NEW ALBUM for 2017!! We need your help! Allow me to explain...

     About a year ago, the members of EGGNOGG parted ways to pursue other projects. Shortly there after, being the only member left in New York, I decided to move out of our old studio space to somewhere closer to where I live in Brooklyn. After being away for about two months, I returned to the studio to find much of our vital equipment used to produce albums tampered with, destroyed, and stolen. With only a fraction left of my usual work space, I called upon our label to seek outside help with the mixing and mastering process, which would be the first time I did not fulfill both duties. As time went on, we could not reach an agreement on how to proceed. I finally decided enough was enough.
     I had since formed a company with my long time friend and film producer, Matt Borruso, called Big Beverage Studio. We are a new studio that is handling many projects, from television to live events. Now, we are expanding to music production and distribution. As I build up this new department, I am asking for fans to please purchase EGGNOGG's two EPs from the Bandcamp site, and, if you can, donate any extra with the "pay more" option. I appreciate all the support from fans and the many sites that reviewed our albums over the years. Thank you to all.

     So there you have it! We can share more detailed information about the third EGGNOGG album very soon. And boy, is it a doozy! It's a whole lot of music at a whopping double full-length! A stark, cinematic experience about the length of a feature film. You will be taken... on a unique and distant journey... one step out of the atmosphere... into the vacuum... past Jupiter... and beyond The Infinite!